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WorkFlowy Academy

From the author of the highly acclaimed book, "Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy"



At the end of each month I'll be releasing a pack of screencast tutorials (videos) designed to bring the world of productivity itself right into WorkFlowy. But first I'll open up pre-ordering for limited windows of time each month - at a significantly lower price (starting now!):



Pre-order the screencast pack for JANUARY, "Organize Your Brain", at 50% off - for the next 48 hours only! The discount expires when the countdown timer below hits zero...






Pre-order all 12 WorkFlowy screencasts for 2017 at ⅓ of the price - only for the next 48 hours... and you'll also get to call on me for a 30-minute coaching session via Skype.



(Purchased individually)


(Pre-order 12 packs)


(Pre-order within 48 hours)


WorkFlowy Academy 36+ includes:

1. All 12+ screencast packs launched monthly in 2017... and beyond!

2. Indefinite access to 24+ WorkFlowy webinar replays in 2017.

3. Access to a private YouTube channel playlist where you can also ask me your WorkFlowy questions.



I am hosting free webinars twice a month. All are welcome to join the WorkFlowy community for sessions jam-packed with dynamic WorkFlowy productivity 101. If you can't make it on Thursdays at 11AM PST, there will be replays. Go ahead and register for the next one on January 12!


Your host - Frank Degenaar

My daughter would say something like this about me: "My daddy spent a bunch of time writing a book about WorkFlowy - and now I'm really worried about missing out on more beach time because of these WorkFlowy screencast thingies. He likes talking about WorkFlowy into a microphone... and I even saw him put on makeup the other day. So he says I can be his makeup artist." You'll see my WorkFlowy handiwork on the WorkFlowy blog itself - weekly. I got that gig after WorkFlowy founder, Jesse Patel, got his hands on my book. The rest is history!