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Shot on my iPhone

Shot on my iPhone

Image by yours truly

Image by yours truly

Try and say the following all in one breath: 

GTD, Pomodoro, Kanban, Lean Systems, The Agile Way, Timeboxing, WSD, Pareto's Principle, Eat that Frog!, ABC, The Covey Quadrant/ Eisenhower Matrix, Don't Break the Chain!, Inbox Zero, Mind Mapping, Outlining, Journalling, 1-3-5 List, Bullet Journal, The Corbinizer, Kanban Calendar... 

Shhh, shhh, shhh... there, there. It's all right. I know. It's kind of overwhelming. When it comes to choosing how to organize and prioritize your stuff to do (and your stuff in general) - it's a jungle out there. But the jungle can be an awesome place, especially when you learn how to adapt and hold your own. All the hacks you need for your own tailor-made productivity system are up for grabs, somewhere out there in this virtual jungle. That's what this blog is all about: I'd like to help you do some slashing (or not) and make a path for yourself. Maybe eat a couple of jungle frogs while we're at it. You'll get the thing about frogs later...

Choose your hacks. Build your system.

Every productivity system has its pros and cons depending on the way your mind operates, the nature and demands of your work and your lifestyle. There is a wealth of collective knowledge out there. Take the hacks and the parts of the productivity systems that suite your situation and give them a good working over. Break the mold and do something different. Build your own system. Tinker until it's decidedly a good fit for you. That's what this blog is all about: I'll give you those hacks in easily-digestible, bite-size chunks by way of my weekly blog posts. 

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Workflowy and Evernote 

I like to put Evernote and WorkFlowy through the paces. I don't savor the prospect of life without either. Most productivity hacks can find their incarnation in both of these fantastic tools. So sign up for email updates at the bottom of the page and stick around for more!

Kanban Calendar

I have created my own task management system (borrowed from different sources) - which I like to call "Kanban Calendar". I am convinced that it is one of the leanest, simplest and most efficient setups one can hope to find in a fuss-free task repository. As with all things, when you tailor-make something to fit your needs, it's a winner. Once you get the concept behind it, no sleek and shiny app in itself will work its juju and pull you in... yet you can repurpose or restructure how you use almost any sleek and shiny app to implement the Kanban Calendar setup. It draws on the core principles of Personal Kanban, GTD's "Tickler File" concept... as well as the Eisenhower Urgent and Important Matrix. It deserves an audience. Every week I showcase the Kanban Calendar system in a new app. It's a matter of time until you see apps that you've already tinkered with... as well as many you would never have thought of for task management.

Here's an introductory post to kick it off:

Here are first of many apps that I will repurpose for my Kanban Calendar concept in weekly posts: