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WorkFlowy Academy

From the author of the highly acclaimed, "Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy"



We take a close look at the classic productivity techniques – such as GTD, Kanban, the Pomodoro Technique (etc.) – and see how they have their incarnation in WorkFlowy. Even if you’re a total newbie to the world of information and task management… it’s all a piece of cake. I’ll give you enough to cherry pick from and set up your very own productivity workflows.




We look at how to whip your WorkFlowy account into shape according to tried and tested organizational concepts… then there’s getting comfortable moving around within the structures you’ve created, finding razor-sharp focus and understanding some novel ways to slice and dice our information.


There’s a world of prioritization methods awaiting you in WorkFlowy. See how you can use WorkFlowy for projects, tasks, a calendar and way more. We draw on classic productivity methods such as the “Pomodoro” Technique, the tried and trusted Eisenhower Matrix, Mark Twain’s “Eat that Frog!”… and a dozen more breathtaking dynamics. You’re in for a treat!


Giving WorkFlowy a facelift is a highly practical affair. We’re talking about color coding your tasks, images, the fonts you want… in fact, styling everything and anything to make WorkFlowy feel like the app you want to hang out in all day… an app that allows you to focus on what you want to focus on. Get loud or get minimal. It’s up to you.


A stunning show-and-tell of the WFx extension… If your life is in WorkFlowy then WFx is nothing short of life-changing. This tool allows you to get around blazing fast – and do things in WorkFlowy you never thought you'd need. The day you unwrap WFx, you won't be able to live without it.




WorkFlowy Academy Screencast Package

 70+ screencast tutorials

 Access to YouTube playlists where you can ask your WorkFlowy questions

(You'll get a shared WorkFlowy list with all the links - which can be added to your WorkFlowy account)


Your host - Frank Degenaar

Hey! I'm the author of the book, Do Way, Way More in WorkFlowy... and I live on the Northeast Coast of Brazil in the city of Fortaleza – where I sometimes work online and sometimes work on my tan. And yes – the harmonica jamming in the screencasts is me :-). You'll see my WorkFlowy handiwork on the WorkFlowy blog itself - weekly. I got that gig after WorkFlowy founder, Jesse Patel, got his hands on my book. The rest is history!