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Productivity hacks weekly in bite-size chunks. Just up your alley if you're at least slightly geeky or a tad bit obsessed with Evernote or WorkFlowy!

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WorkFlowy: moving, organizing, decluttering

Frank Degenaar

The more one indulges in science fiction, the more one engages in the willing suspension of disbelief... and carries the same "impossible" technological concepts over into reality - at least for a few seconds, while one adjusts to the painful absence of such things as cargo bay transporters. But surely there's some sort of technology out there we can really sink our teeth into... something that will make a mammoth task just a tad less mammoth-like?

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Kanban Calendar: Evernote Series - 4 of 5

Frank Degenaar

Tags, tags everywhere

For those of you who are already fans of tagging in Evernote, you may appreciate the analogy below ... and would no doubt already have a few tricks up your sleeve. I simply wanted to point out that the possibility exists... and briefly discuss a few of the pros and cons that a tag-based task-management system in Evernote presents.

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