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Productivity hacks weekly in bite-size chunks. Just up your alley if you're at least slightly geeky or a tad bit obsessed with Evernote or WorkFlowy!

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My big little WorkFlowy book

Frank Degenaar

Build it and they will (hopefully) come

Over the last months I've been working on something I'm mighty proud of. I've just come out with a book on WorkFlowy: 99 days, 446 hours and 254 pages later, I've had to draw on a mashup of productivity hacks, including but not limited to, GTD, The Pomodoro Technique, The Eisenhower Matrix, Kanban, "Don't Break the Chain!", "Eat that Frog!" and "Don't Watch that Star Trek!" The last one is my own private productivity hack. I failed at it miserably. Countless times. 

An app is an app, no matter how small

WorkFlowy, as you may well know, is one of those rare finds - an app that you can grow with. Whatever productivity hacks and systems you've got going - each of them can intuitively find their incarnation in WorkFlowy. Then there's the part about writing my entire book in WorkFlowy. Every last word. Every Markdown inline image link. I outline that all in my book. 

One small step for me...

After flipping through my book, Jesse Patel, one of WorkFlowy's co-founders, has invited me to take over the WorkFlowy blog - where I'll be producing content, and more significantly, attempting to rope in other users for their own show and tells. If you're a WorkFlowy fan with something to share, please drop me a line. 

With a little help from my friends

If you have just a shred of humanity in you, you will tell everyone you know about my book - today. And if you don't, the productivity gods will bring upon you the debilitating curse of procrastination (in general). You'll see. Or... you could just tell some needy soul about my book out of the goodness of your heart. Either approach will work for me.

More seriously now - if you're a blogger or someone who has any sort of reach and you'd consider giving my book a review, please get in touch with me for a complimentary copy. 

And yes, I will be getting back to my regular posts here - that is, if you've missed me.