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  • Email subscription, believe it or not, is still the surest way of getting blog content to you (without it falling through the cracks)... that is unless you always scroll through every last social media tweet and post - every day of the year. Then you're good. You'll find me there too.
  • No sales pitches. This blog is purely content-driven:
  • If you're an Evernote or WorkFlowy enthusiast (or outright addict), my blog is a smorgasbord. 
  • Once a week I showcase my "Kanban Calendar" task management system in a new application. It's dead-easy. You should hop on board!
  • I write about the classic productivity hacks/ systems... in bite-size chunks. Whether you already know it all... or if you're only now dipping your toes into the productivity waters, you're in good company.
  • If you have a geeky bone in your body... the dots I connect - resonate with you they will.
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